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N. Philippopoulos: The "Guru" of wild mushrooms & Truffles

Fresh, rare and hard-to-reach, wild, top mushrooms … If you want to be in this world then you have to let go of the magic hands of Nektarios Philippopoulos, the man behind Fungi Hellas, the man knows as much as the natural and delicious greatness of the Greek wild mushroom and the Greek wild truffle.

With 35 years of experience, knowledge and love for nature and mushrooms, and incredible hours of personal engagement with the collection of mushrooms, one would easily say that Nektarios Philipopoulos’ knowledge is inconceivable. But that is not all. It is not just the knowledge that can transport us, but also a series of exceptional products, unique specifications based on the wild mushroom.

 made in greece 01

The history

Fungi Hellas was founded in 2010 to become an organized and professional bridge of familiarity and approach to all those who are interested in learning and experiencing the wonderful flavors and shades of mushroom and its products.

The unique comparative advantage with signature made in Greece
With its passion, knowledge, experience and professionalism, Fungi Hellas has managed to gather and sell on Greek and international markets fresh Greek mushrooms and truffles almost 12 months a year!
Depending on the demand, mushrooms are harvested weekly by a specialized team under the guidance of Nectarios to ensure their freshness. Then the products are subject to strict quality control and careful packaging before their distribution begins and their dispatch to selected restaurants and hotels throughout Greece and the world.
The result is that fresh truffles and mushrooms arrive within 48 hours anywhere in the world!


Family affair

The passion for every facet of the mushroom passes from generation to generation in the Philipopoulos family. Thus, Nektarios was initiated by his father in love for the Greek nature and its unique treasures: truffle and wild mushrooms! Today Nektarios introduces his sons to this magical world and of course to all of us.
The first child mushroom-living was enough to enchant Nectarios and so this charm evolved into a journey of everlasting love, devotion and profound knowledge of these mysterious fruits of Greek nature.

made in greece 11

Globbaly success, customers and the dream

The effort she has been making for years now, as well as true love for the mushroom world, have made Nektarius win some of the most important collaborations and some of the best and most distinguished clients in the world. And we’re talking about award-winning chefs and simple gourmet food lovers! Fungi Hellas caters to the high demands of its partners, with top quality products and fast delivery.
The dedication, from the first step to the last step, to high standards of product care and packaging, makes them consistent partners whether you are a retail store, a catering company, or just an independent lover of all kinds of mushrooming experience!

Source: Made in Greece

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