Mushroom & Truffle Hunting

Cost: 70 € / person

Group of 5-20 people

  • Mushroom & truffle huntin. You’ll enjoy some hours walking through typical woods, picking truffles along with a special guide, also an expert, but mostly a friend who will teach how to find truffles with dog.
  • Picnic in nature (with omelet with wild mushrooms and truffles) and special local products like cheese, olives, truffle sausage, sweet jam from cantharellus with yoghurt.
  • Fresh truffles (2-3 pieces per person )
  • Wine tasting in local winery or visit to archeological place

The above cost doesn't include:

  • Incurance
  • Transportation costs (there will be rental choices if you do not have available car or bus)
  • Any other extra services requested


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