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Allium ursinum

Sales price 7,50 €
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It is a perennial bulbous flower, with flowering shoots triangular and 20-60 cm high. The central bulb is up to 4 cm long with many bulbs around it. Its leaves grow from the bulb, up to 30 cm in length, are dark green, oblong-oval, narrowing and ending in a pointed end. The dense inflorescence is composed of small translucent white flowers, in fake shades. It blooms from April to June. It is a Mediterranean plant, quite common in Greece, thriving in wet or cool and shady forests with deciduous trees, in abandoned fields, on stony slopes with phrygnas and shrubs, usually at low and medium altitudes, the whole plant smells like garlic.

It is harvested whole from winter to late spring. The leaves of Allium ursinum are edible can be used as a salad, boiled as a vegetable, in soups and as an ingredient for pesto instead of basil. Stems preserved in brine are eaten as a salad in Russia. Bulbs and flowers are also edible and can be eaten raw or cooked.

Source: agriamanitaria.gr

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