Fungi Hellas | Special Info
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Special Info

Special Info

Dear friends and lovers of wild mushrooms
Because the wild mushrooms are scarce in Greece
And when the period comes they last very little

We, In the team of fungihellas opened a list that you can send a private message to
Full name
Quantity and type
And when we collect we will inform you and we will send you
You can also order
Sweet mushroom (cantharellus 10 euro the jar)
Pickle mushroom (whatever you like) (10 to jar)
Dried with a 20% discount on retail prices
Let’s remind you which items will make it to the summer and what period to
You can send your order
1 / Hygrophorus marzuolus 25 / kg (from now to end April)

2 / Morchella sp 60-80 / kg (from mid-February to early May)

3 / Cantharellus cibarius 25 / kg (from mid-April to mid July)

4 / Porcini (boletus sp) 25 / kg (from mid May to end of July)

5 / Wild asparagus (5 bunch)

* Delivery in Attica unbinding
** Shipping to the rest of Greece with cash 10 per kg
*** Special rates for restaurants & hotels
*** Discount for over 5+kilos
Send name, quantity and type, mobile and receive a priority number

Yours sincerely
For fungihellas